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Apr 26, 2018 R. Elwin
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Chrysler Classic Speed Festival 1998. See and hear vintage Ferraris, Corvettes, Mustangs, MoPars, Jags, etc. racing! Video'd at North Island Naval Air Station, Coronado, CA.
Topic: car race classic ferrari mustang cobra corvette camero ford chevy mopar charger daytona
The VHS Vault
Aug 22, 2014 Jack Morton
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"Video Games: a Public Perspective." Arcades and video games corrupting our youth? This vintage 1982 Atari funded production tries to quell fears by having various public officials, clergy, mom&pops tell how arcades are cool. Great period piece with shots of vintage computer gear, arcades, Atari labs, university game research, 80's hair, wide ties, and leisure suits. Cameos by Dona Bailey (Centipede), Owen Rubin (Battlezone), Don Osborne (VP coin-op marketing). Hosted by Frank...
Topics: Atari, video games, arcades, video games, youth